#GodWhoSends: This Is Only a Quest

In the preface to God Who Sends, Dr. Francis DuBose explains that this book is the product of many years of study and research, starting with his graduate studies in missiology (1957-1961). He writes, “I have been bothered by the lack of a clear biblical definition of mission.” DuBose goes on to describe the book [Read More…]

Missional, Like A Boson! or Physicsleship: What Can We Learn From the Higgs Discovery?

The big news last week was the 99.999999% certainty that scientists have located the so-called “God particle,” a.k.a. the Higgs boson (which is apparently more like a field than a particle but whatever). People in all sectors of society are now beginning to try and make sense of the implications of this major scientific discovery, [Read More…]

Scot McKnight’s Definition of Missional Is Similiar (But Different) Than Mine – Because I’m Not Scot McKnight

Scot McKnight (an entirely different person than Steve Knight, the author of this blog) has given us his definition of missional, in the context of an excellent review of Don Everts’ new book Go and Do: Becoming A Missional Christian: “Missional is not a new, fancy, PC, shorn of its weaknesses version of the word [Read More…]

Yes, The Missional Church Needs a Deep Theology

That’s what Dr. Kyle Roberts argued yesterday over at the Cultivare blog (on the Evangelical channel of Patheos) in his post “How Theological Is the ‘Missional Church’?” He writes, “Reading about the origin of the modern movement in the theology of [Karl] Barth — and theological missiologists — makes me wonder how much of the [Read More…]

The Missional Drink That Changed the World

I remember when I worked for Billy Graham, we would talk about ways to make the Gospel message as ubiquitous globally as Coca-Cola. Practically anywhere you go in the world, you can find Coca-Cola. Outside of printing a Gospel message on cans of Coke, how would you do that? (we would ask ourselves) Well, the [Read More…]

The $135 Book on Missional Church

Would you spend $135 on a missional church book? How about $1,579.60?! That’s how much a handful of used copies of Dr. Francis DuBose’s book God Who Sends: A Fresh Quest for Biblical Mission are going for on Amazon these days. (Please someone order a copy via my Amazon affiliate link, pretty please? *wink*) Published [Read More…]

Ed Stetzer’s Advice to the Anglican Church in North America

The Anglican Church in North America held its “Assembly 2012” this past week at the Southern Baptist Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina. And Southern Baptist missiologist Ed Stetzer was one of the convention’s keynote speakers, speaking three times on “The Local Congregation” to the 700 delegates from 16 countries gathered. Stetzer gave the ACNA [Read More…]

Evangelicals Don’t Own Missional

As a post-evangelical (progressive evangelical?), it wasn’t that long ago that I thought almost exclusively in a very narrow, evangelical theological framework. I remember thinking that — since evangelical (as an adjective/descriptor) seemed to be on the decline and missional was in its ascendency — that missional might even replace evangelical as the primary identification [Read More…]