We Are All Pirates Now

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day today, and I’m excited to recommend the best possible book for this auspicious occasion — Kester Brewin’s latest Mutiny!: Why We Love Pirates and How They Can Save Us. I confess I’m only about a third of the way through, which means I’ve already traversed the first two dense [Read More…]

Is This the #1 Issue in Missional Shift?

Len Hjalmarson thinks he’s got a bead on the #1 issue in making the missional shift: spiritual formation. And, he says, the #1 issue in spiritual formation is this: “Where do you find your identity?” “Unless our identity is rooted in Christ, we will always be subject to the pressures of the crowd. We will [Read More…]

God Is Participatory

Tony Jones recently issued a challenge to his fellow progressive theo-bloggers to “write one post about God between now and August 15.” OK so I missed the August 15 deadline. I’m still going to write this anyway. It’s already been said many times in the missional church conversation that God is a missional God, that [Read More…]

Is Rob Bell Really Cynical About the Local Church?

Last week, Rob Bell did a special book event at The Viper Room in Los Angeles, which was livestreamed online to 1,500+ viewers around the world. Bell’s publisher HarperOne put on the event to promote its re-release of Bell’s earlier books with new matching cover designs, as well as to announce that Bell’s next book [Read More…]

#GodWhoSends: Missions vs. Missional

“Missions? This is something we pay others to do. And pray for others to do. And they go. And thank God they go. But is the Christian mission an elitist vocation? Is this what the Bible says? Is this what we sense from Jesus? “Where have we missed the meaning of our pilgrim faith? Why [Read More…]

Missional Worship Convocation Kicks Off in Chicago

The Center for Parish Development kicks off its annual conference today in Chicago, and the theme of this year’s event is “The Subversive Act of Missional Worship.” The keynote speaker this year is Debra Dean Murphy, Assistant Professor of Religion and Christian Education at West Virginia Wesleyan College and the author of Teaching that Transforms: [Read More…]

Scot McKnight on The Mission of God from John’s Gospel

Scot McKnight has posted the outline of his talk on God’s mission, delivered at SommerOase in Denmark: Mission Begins IN God. — “God has been eternally missional, is missional, and will be missional forever. (Eschatology is inherent.)” Mission Begins WITH God’s Sending. — “If you are one of Jesus’ followers you are missional.” The Missional [Read More…]

Processing Missional Theology in the Aftermath of Aurora

As we are all still processing the horrific tragedy of the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, I was thankful to read my friend Tripp Fuller’s post this morning “Theology in the wake of Tragedy.” Tripp is a major proponent of what is known as process theology, but I also know his theology has a chewy [Read More…]

#GodWhoSends: Jesus’s Missional Purpose

From the very first page of the “Prologue” to God Who Sends, Dr. Francis DuBose uses the term “missional”: “The Christian life is a spiritual pilgrimage. It is not a journey to a shrine which has limitations of space and time. It is a journey into life, a life so rich no limitation of space [Read More…]

#GodWhoSends: This Is Only a Quest

In the preface to God Who Sends, Dr. Francis DuBose explains that this book is the product of many years of study and research, starting with his graduate studies in missiology (1957-1961). He writes, “I have been bothered by the lack of a clear biblical definition of mission.” DuBose goes on to describe the book [Read More…]