Talkin’ About Re: Vocation

One of the speakers at the recent Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity conference — and one who I’m looking forward to seeing at Wild Goose Festival this coming week — was Dori Baker, who also happens to work for the Fund for Theological Education. Dori has written a fabulous new book called [Read More…]

What If We Let the Children Lead Us?

David Csinos and Brian McLaren recently collaborated on the landmark Children, Youth, and a New Kind of Christianity conference in Washington, D.C. I wasn’t able to attend, but the conference was well attended and well documented by those who did. On the heels of that event, Csinos and McLaren have just published “Breaking the Bubble [Read More…]

Love God and Love Your Neighbor [VIDEO]

Could it really be that simple? and that difficult? That’s the message of a cool new video produced by the Fund for Theological Education, which calls it “an open invitation for a new generation of leaders to hold the church accountable by becoming a part of it.” Become a part. Participate. The question is: Will [Read More…]

What Would Love Want to Do Here?

It’s such a great question. It’s a very missional question. That’s the question that Sarah Bessey builds to in her recent blog post “Ringing Doorbells.” Bessey talks about the joys and challenges of doing missional youth ministry with “a few lonely kids” in her neighborhood: “… over the years, as I’ve been committed to missional [Read More…]

Can Megachurch Small Groups Be Missional?

I’m always fascinated by what Leonard Sweet has to say, and his comments in this recent interview with Steve Gladen, Pastor of Small Groups at Saddleback Community Church, were no exception. Len suggests that “this missional component is huge” for the content of large church small group gatherings: “The download today is not just ‘your [Read More…]

Young Adults Are Demanding a Missional Shift

If you’re wondering what the urgency is for existing churches to make the missional shift for the sake of younger generations (and also why I’m actually very excited about the missional potential of these younger leaders), just read “a letter from an exhausted/exasperated young person who has a complicated love/hate relationship with the church (part [Read More…]

How Can We Make Youth Ministry More Missional?

Adam McLane, from The Youth Cartel, has written an excellent guest post for the Asbury Seminary Seedbed site on “Why Youth Ministries Are Not Working in America,” and the first item on his list is … “Amissiological approaches”: “If you were to move to a new community as a church planter or if you relocated [Read More…]

Missional Monday: Book Winner, Stetzer to ACNA, Thin Places, Godspeed, Faith-Based Youth

Here’s a quick recap of last week’s major highlights from the missional conversation: The winner of last week’s book contest giveaway is … Brian C. from Nebraska! Brian will be receiving a signed copy of Chris Guillebeau’s new book The $100 Startup, but we’re all winners really because so many great missional business stories/ideas were [Read More…]