Galaxy Quest for Missional Nephilim!

At the risk of creating an irreversible irony vortex, I’m going to post something completely frivolous and funny directly after posting the uber-serious “Yes, The Missional Church Needs A Deep Theology.” Consider this your Sunday funny … Taken from an anti-missional “heresy hunter” website, which thankfully still has a sense of humor: For years there [Read More…]

Missional Monday: Mission of God Study Bible, Missio Alliance, crippledJesus, and More

Here’s a quick recap of last week’s major highlights from the missional conversation: The new Mission of God Study Bible bowed on Friday, edited by Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation, with contributions from mostly conservative evangelicals such as Christopher Wright. The video (above) illustrates the creative use of QR codes that makes the book more [Read More…]

A New Missional Study Bible

Congratulations to Ed Stetzer and Philip Nation on the publication of the new Mission of God Study Bible, which came out yesterday from Broadman & Holman Publishers. Ed is giving away a free copy of the new Bible on his blog this week, as well as beginning a new series of blog posts where he’ll [Read More…]