Francis Chan’s Program for “Multiply”-ing Conservative Evangelicals

Reading Francis Chan’s latest book Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples has helped me see how far away from the conservative evangelical theology of my youth I’ve truly gotten. [Read more…]

New Missional Living Ebook from Jamie Arpin-Ricci

There’s certainly no shortage of books on missional church and missional living. And I certainly haven’t been able to keep up with all of the new ones that are coming out just about every week. But it’s not every day that Jamie Arpin-Ricci publishes a new book, so I get excited when that happens. [Read more…]

This Book Will Inspire Your Missional Soul

During my stint as communication director for a large evangelical mission organization, I spent a good bit of time developing a theology of communication and its integral role in mission. What I began calling at the time “kingdom journalism” consisted of telling stories that described the mighty deeds of God. What was God up to [Read More…]

Patriotism and Properly Ordered Social Love

With the Independence Day holiday now behind is and quickly fading into our memories (well, who can forget the San Diego fireworks debacle?), I just want to bring your attention and focus back once again to the question of patriotism and love for God and country (in that order). I just finished reading Logan Mehl-Laituri’s [Read More…]

You May Now Fly at Godspeed … If You Can Get Through America’s Religious TSA

While Godspeed: Making Christ’s Mission Your Own would not be the first missional book I’d recommend — even to conservative evangelicals (who are the primary audience for this book) — I’m still grateful for it (and other books like it). Why? Because hopefully books like Godspeed will introduce readers to other missional writers and broader [Read More…]