Context Is God(‘s)

My friend Kyle Chowning has a humorous blog post today about the importance of context in communication. It immediately reminded me of a quote by marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk from a few years ago: “If content is king, then context is God.” [Read more…]

#100Startup: Features vs. Benefits

This week I’m blogging through Chris Guillebeau’s new book The $100 Startup and giving away a free signed copy! Find out how you can enter to win » Chris Guillebeau writes, “Value means helping people.” There’s a strong social good message that comes through in all that Chris says and does. That’s one of the [Read More…]

Should We Replace “Missional” with “Bearing Witness”?

In the June 2012 issue of The Mennonite magazine, Ron Adams, a Mennonite pastor in Madison, Wisconsin, argues that the word “missional” is too problematic and suggests we should replace it with “bearing witness.” Here’s what he says: “Missional is not about program … Missional is not what your congregation’s outreach committee does. Missional is [Read More…]