The Great Forge Write-Off [VIDEO]

Here’s that big announcement I mentioned would be coming yesterday from the Forge America network, in partnership with InterVarsity Press and the Sentralized conference: Lance Ford mentions “one or more” people could win a book contract with IVP, but you have to attend the Sentralized conference, September 27-29 in Kansas City, and you have to [Read More…]

7 Ways to Disrupt Your Church

As some have suggested, it might take some disruptive innovation to get an existing church to think missionally, so here’s some helpful hints on how to do that (from Fast Company magazine): Totally eliminate your industry‚Äôs persistent customer pain points — What practices exist in your church that drive people crazy? Identify these practices and [Read More…]

Disrupt Your Church’s Status Quo … Or Else?

Michael Frost suggests that existing churches need to make some sort of radical change in order to disrupt the natural state of church ministry (a.k.a., the status quo) in order to successfully make the missional shift: “If you want to be a different sort of person, you’ve got to remove some of those structures that [Read More…]