#GodWhoSends: The Struggle With Defining Missional

In his seminal book God Who Sends: A Fresh Quest for Biblical Mission, Dr. Francis M. DuBose describes the challenge he saw in defining “mission”: “Why the need for a fresh quest? The simple answer, which is profound in its implication, is that we do not have an accepted definition of mission. … “A major [Read More…]

#GodWhoSends: Missions vs. Missional

“Missions? This is something we pay others to do. And pray for others to do. And they go. And thank God they go. But is the Christian mission an elitist vocation? Is this what the Bible says? Is this what we sense from Jesus? “Where have we missed the meaning of our pilgrim faith? Why [Read More…]

#GodWhoSends: Jesus’s Missional Purpose

From the very first page of the “Prologue” to God Who Sends, Dr. Francis DuBose uses the term “missional”: “The Christian life is a spiritual pilgrimage. It is not a journey to a shrine which has limitations of space and time. It is a journey into life, a life so rich no limitation of space [Read More…]

#GodWhoSends: This Is Only a Quest

In the preface to God Who Sends, Dr. Francis DuBose explains that this book is the product of many years of study and research, starting with his graduate studies in missiology (1957-1961). He writes, “I have been bothered by the lack of a clear biblical definition of mission.” DuBose goes on to describe the book [Read More…]