A Guide Book for Neo-Monastics and Other Intentional Christians

In the foreword to The Intentional Christian Community Handbook, Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove write, “This is a book that we’ve needed for a long, long time.” [Read more…]

Practicing for the World to Come [VIDEO]

Dale Lature, from CommuniCast.tv, was at Wild Goose Festival 2012 last week, speaking about Occupy Theology and interviewing people about the Occupy movement. In this interview, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove shares his thoughts: “The things that excite me right now are the little experiments that are happening, where people are forming new kinds of communities. People are [Read More…]

How To: Start a Neo-Monastic Community

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove is a leading voice and practitioner in the new monasticism stream of the emerging missional church. Elsewhere here on Patheos today, he shared this simple advice on how to create a new neo-monastic community: “You can learn about community elsewhere. But you can only make it happen — you can only ever have [Read More…]