Who ISN’T Missional?

Tony Jones has a great reflection on his blog today about labels such as “neo-Reformed,” “Emergent,” and “missional.” [Read more…]

Missional Methodists Rejuvenating the Mainline?

It takes something pretty remarkable to get Tony Jones to say “new life is possible in old denominations,” but that’s exactly what Tony said earlier this week in a post about Union, a new United Methodist church plant in Dallas, Texas. [Read more…]

Missional Shift in the UK

I usually follow the work of Jonny Baker pretty closely. But somehow one of his recent updates slipped past my radar, until I saw it posted on Tony Jones’ blog under the headline “Good News for the Missional Church.” [Read more…]

Missional Monday: Homeschooling Kerfuffle, Brian McLaren Book Tour Continues, CommonChange.com

Here’s a recap of last week’s major highlights from the missional conversation: Is Homeschooling Missional? Or Not? — Last week, Tony Jones stirred up a hornet’s nest with two very provocatively titled blog posts that effectively declared that Christians who choose to homeschool their children are not being “missional” in their communities, because they are [Read More…]

Missional Monday: Missing in Missional, Non-Profit Pubs, Twitter Humor, and More

Here’s a recap of last week’s major highlights from the missional conversation: The Nation’s First Non-Profit Pub was surprisingly the “big story” here on the blog last week. A lot of you were excited about the notion of “pub church,” which is great. Lots of fun ideas to explore there. If you haven’t seen it [Read More…]

God Is Participatory

Tony Jones recently issued a challenge to his fellow progressive theo-bloggers to “write one post about God between now and August 15.” OK so I missed the August 15 deadline. I’m still going to write this anyway. It’s already been said many times in the missional church conversation that God is a missional God, that [Read More…]

Missional, Like A Boson! or Physicsleship: What Can We Learn From the Higgs Discovery?

The big news last week was the 99.999999% certainty that scientists have located the so-called “God particle,” a.k.a. the Higgs boson (which is apparently more like a field than a particle but whatever). People in all sectors of society are now beginning to try and make sense of the implications of this major scientific discovery, [Read More…]

10 Myths About the Missional Church

At the recent Funding the Missional Church conference, organized by JoPa Productions and held in Minneapolis, Tony Jones gave a presentation on his “10 Myths About the Missional Church.” In classic David Letterman style, here they are: Missional is trying to put the conventional church out of business — Not so, says Dr. Jones. Missional [Read More…]