John Wesley’s messages on work and economics


When we ran our recent series of  posts on work and vocation (linked at the bottom of this post) in Christian history by Faith and Work Channel senior editor and Christian History magazine senior editor Chris Armstrong, we accidentally missed this one. Ooops! Enjoy. If you want to read more of what Wesley had to [Read More...]

Best Practices for Peace in 2015: Fight For Peace


This post is part of a Patheos Public Square on best practices for peace.  Though Rev. Hall speaks mainly of church relationships here, think about how her advice extends into your own workplace. By L. Elaine Hall Many Christian communities are terrible at navigating disagreement and difference. In the name of peace, we have become chronic conflict-avoiders. [Read More...]

Assembling culture

By Christ John Otto, adapted from a mailing to the Belonging House ministry in greater Boston. Has God ever told you that your vision is too small?  I have been working on a book about the most overlooked person in the Bible–Bezalel.  The things that I have learned about this prophet who made the Ark [Read More...]

Change the equation


By Kyle Bushre, originally posted at Kern Pastors Network Resources blog Here’s a little cultural word math that appears to be axiomatic in today’s young, Christian marketplace of ideas: Non-profit = God-honoring, Profit = Self-honoring. The logic runs something like this: God has called us to do great things for him, and the way to [Read More...]

Forcing people to seek happiness in the wrong places

By Jake Belder; originally posted on his blog. Dorothy Sayers, in her essay, ‘Why Work?’, is highly critical of economies that are based solely on production and consumption, and in particular, how they negatively affect our conception of work. Writing from the viewpoint of wartime Britain, she observes that reckless consumption has so thoroughly devalued [Read More...]

More news from the Boston Summit

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We just ran into this post on Sapientia, the blog of the Carl F. Henry Center for Theological Understanding at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  Like us, blogger Constantine Campbell was at the Boston Faith@Work Summit; he shares his reflections on several of the talks, but particularly on the amazing talk by Cheryl Broetje (which blew [Read More...]