On work-life balance and not going to the Asbury Project

  Some of you may remember how for the last two years I’ve spent some time at a conference called the Asbury Project.  It’s a two-day conference focusing on social entrepreneurship and featuring a business plan competition by college and seminary, and it’s held in part at my seminary alma mater, which is less than [Read More…]

The good, the bad, and the Amway: a second post from #AU2016

I’ve now been through the opening banquet and one full day of Acton University, and I have thoughts. Boy, do I ever have thoughts. I’ll try to get some of them into this post. What I’ve done so far: Plenary, Magatte Wade: Wade, a Sufi Muslim and the founder of several businesses, made a passionate [Read More…]

“What if I told you the boundaries are wrong?” #AU2016

So, I’m here at Acton University in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids (I’m actually not kidding; the river is really pretty and I enjoyed walking along it last night) in a room full of several thousand traditional Catholics and evangelicals all concerned with economics and politics.  How exactly does a nice Episcopal priest and English major [Read More…]

Challenges and ideas: a report from the first annual National Faith and Work Association Meeting

By Mikel Del Rosario A Report from the National Faith and Work Association Inaugural Annual Gathering – Oct 22-23, 2015 The gathering was held at the Whitfield Center for Christian Leadership on the beautiful campus of Charleston Southern University. I attended as a representative of the Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement at [Read More…]

Sometimes life gets in the way: day 2 of the #AsburyProject

Read about Day 1 of The Asbury Project here. Maybe it was just me, since I started the day with a funeral, but there was a more serious tone on the second day of the adventure in social entreprenuership that is The Asbury Project. While I was celebrating the life of a beloved professor, Jena [Read More…]

Blood and water do not come from a think tank: Day one of #AsburyProject 2015

So it’s even more true what I wrote about the Asbury Project last year: conferences of Christian entrepreneurs are full of energy.  Especially, it’s even more true because there are about twice as many people here as there were last year. I drank my hot cocoa this morning in a room full of eager-looking young [Read More…]