“What if I told you the boundaries are wrong?” #AU2016

So, I’m here at Acton University in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids (I’m actually not kidding; the river is really pretty and I enjoyed walking along it last night) in a room full of several thousand traditional Catholics and evangelicals all concerned with economics and politics.  How exactly does a nice Episcopal priest and English major [Read More…]

What is a Good Job in the Gig Economy?

The old bargain between labor and capital has, for all intents and purposes, been called off. [Read more…]

Here’s a cheerful thought for #taxday: money doesn’t exist

Money is just a convenient fiction. [Read more…]

VIDEO: 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

…..a breathtaking digital animation narrated by Swedish economist Hans Rosling. It shows the impact of the Industrial Revolution and more recent global economic shifts on the quality of health in every country in the world for the past two centuries.  Prepare to be challenged! [Read more…]

Why Poor People Stay Poor

An article was published recently in Slate about this; it’s an excerpt from Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America by Linda Tirado.  Her point is that it’s hard to follow the good advice that exists about saving money when you have no money and no safety net. Thought-provoking. Check it out. One time I [Read More…]

Households and economic injustice in the Old Testament

By Keith Reeves In the first part of this article we looked at how the family is foundational to property systems and economic flourishing in the Old Testament. The household was simultaneously a familial unit and an economic unit, and the connection between the two was of essential importance. In this second part, we will look [Read More…]