God is at work through his people at work


By Al Erisman God is at work through his people at work. What does this look like? This was the question that 270 pastors, business/workplace leaders, theologians, university professors, and workplace ministry leaders discussed at the inaugural Faith@Work Summit in Boston last October. It was hosted by The Mockler Center for Faith and Ethics in [Read More...]

The heart behind “Why you hate work”

By Brian Gray Earlier this year, the New York Times helped you answer the question “Why You Hate Work.” But before you balk at that massive assumption, research by Gallup suggests that only 30% of Americans “feel engaged at work.” That drops to only 13% when the population extends internationally across a sample from 142 [Read More...]

Faith, Work, and #Ferguson: An Opportunity for Us?


By Dr. Vincent Bacote Ferguson, MO has become an emblem, mirror and prism of some of the great challenges that remain in our society. While the debates and punditry will likely continue, and while there are multiple points of discussion, the events there give a significant opportunity for Christians to contribute to the common good [Read More...]

A postscript from the Boston Faith@Work Summit

Nathan Roberts on….the Boston Summit and the Mind-Body Problem. Do we really need faith-and-work integration? Or do we just need….life in all its complexity? Check it out over at The High Calling.   [Read more...]

Great new post at Leadership Journal on seeing all of life as holy


In an article called “My Three Seasons of Faith and Work”, pastor Matthew Woodley opens up about how he came to a holistic understanding of faith and work after some quite obvious wrong turns.  He divides his ministry into three “seasons”: The “naive engagement” of his first pastorate, where he immersed himself in small-town culture: [Read More...]

Seeing purpose in the mundane


By Emily Ann Higginbotham Being an intern at a financial firm has given me incredible exposure to the ins and outs of wealth management. It has also afforded me prolonged exposure to the copy machine, the supply closet, and a never-ending amount of envelopes to stuff. With the company’s annual symposium coming up, my last [Read More...]