Not everyone can be a leader


By Stephen Milliken Confession: I have a problem with leadership rhetoric. I do not like how I have heard it discussed, practiced, or even taught. For years, I’ve had a rocky relationship with the word and I couldn’t quite pinpoint the problem. Still, the uneasy feeling continues to fester to such an extent that it [Read More...]

Do you believe #Easter is real? Then prove it


By Mike Coyner I hope you had a happy Easter, and I hope that your pastor did not try to explain Easter or prove Easter, but rather proclaimed Easter. That was the advice of my preaching professor in seminary who said: “Don’t try to explain Easter, it is a mystery. Don’t try to prove Easter, [Read More...]

“I Don’t Have a Job, I Have a Higher Calling:” Responses to the #WSJ article


By Bill Peel In “I Don’t Have a Job. I Have a Higher Calling” (WSJ, Business & Tech, Feb. 25), Rachel Feintzeig captured the spirit of a LeTourneau University education. A few examples: Bob Walker, CEO of Walker Mowers (1963 LeTourneau engineering grad) wants his employees to know that they do more than design and manufacture [Read More...]

How do you measure a mindset?


While these thoughts were originally addressed to members of the Oikonomia Network, there are implications for many other folks as well about what we measure and how we measure it.  The assessment system profiled in this article was selected by the Oikonomia Network Advisory Committee as a “helpful model” for network faculty to consider.  The [Read More...]

We only wanted a youthworker….

We only wanted a youth worker

Where once retailers were strangers, they are now a united group, proudly sharing photographs of their joint achievement. Where they acted as competitors towards each other, they now act like a mini Neighborhood Watch group alerting one another to thefts and break-ins. Once again, something of the life-giving kingdom breaks through. [Read more...]

Getting past “order” vs. “sin”: How to reinvent management


By Randal Franz This article is adapted by the author from “An Exercise in Theological Imagination,” which appeared in the Journal of Biblical Integration in Business. Even before the recent Great Recession prompted many to rethink our current economic models, some leading management scholars and business titans were calling for the reinvention of management. I [Read More...]