[VIDEO] A final encouraging word from the Faith@Work Summit

Some more great talks from the Faith@Work Summit have now been posted. (Here’s the first set , here’s the second set, here’s the third set, and here’s the fourth set.) Enjoy! David Miller on the past, present, and future of the faith at work movement: And Bill Pollard reminding us Who comes first (it’s OK [Read More...]

From the archives: Connecting work-lives and God-lives


What are some ways in which people can bring their God-lives into their work-lives? [Read more...]

Giving Jesus a bad name

By Mike Coyner To me the name Jesus is not just a good name, it is the “name above every other name” (Philippians 2:9-11). But too many Christians (or at least people who call themselves Christians) are giving Jesus a bad name. That is the conclusion of several recent studies and surveys. People in general [Read More...]

From the archives: Meaningless jobs?


In what ways have you seen others bring meaning to a “meaningless job?” In what ways have you shared the gospel through your work? [Read more...]

The faith and work conversation we’re NOT having

Really good stuff in the latest issue of Comment, called “The Work of Our Hands,” on the conversations we’re not having about how blue-collar work, menial work, and disgusting work fit into God’s design. Or don’t fit. Here’s what Brian Dijkema has to say in his introductory letter: There is a swath of the evangelical [Read More...]

You may be the only Bible they read


By Bill Peel The workplace is filled with spiritually hungry people. Most of them, however, won’t connect their own emptiness with their need for God unless they can see the difference Christ makes in a Christian’s life. Jesus could have designed a no-fail distribution strategy for the gospel, but instead He charged His followers to be His ambassadors – to show and tell others how to find fulfillment and eternal life [Read More...]