Great new post at Leadership Journal on seeing all of life as holy


In an article called “My Three Seasons of Faith and Work”, pastor Matthew Woodley opens up about how he came to a holistic understanding of faith and work after some quite obvious wrong turns.  He divides his ministry into three “seasons”: The “naive engagement” of his first pastorate, where he immersed himself in small-town culture: [Read More...]

From the archives: The patron saint of business?

“Faber’s vision of the positive role of business is remarkable. He wrote two centuries before Adam Smith lifted a pen, during an era when the Catholic church generally looked askance at business. Yet in a few short phrases, Faber crystallizes a profound and profoundly challenging philosophy of business.” [Read more...]

NEWS: ReFrame has launched!

From our friends at The Washington Institute for Faith, Culture, and Vocation. RSVP for the Nov. 10 launch event here. ReFrame is a 10 week video-based discipleship course that helps you answer questions such as “how does my story fit into God’s story,” and “does my day-to-day life matter to God.”  It features lectures by [Read More...]

What might your work give to the world?

Hunter Beaumont

Yesterday Leadership Journal’s Redeeming Work initiative held the third of five planned conferences on faith, work, and vocation. Jeff Haanen was on the spot for the Faith and Work Channel. This is the final report  from him about the day’s events. When Hunter Beaumont worked for one of the Big Four accounting firms in Dallas, Texas, his office [Read More...]

Every task, however simple, sets the soul that does it free


I knew Henry van Dyke wrote The Other Wise Man, but until we sang it this morning at my church, I didn’t know he wrote this hymn: 1. Jesus, Thou divine companion, By Thy lowly human birth Thou hast come to join the workers, Burden bearers of the earth. Thou, the carpenter of Nazareth, Toiling for [Read More...]

Faith and work movement, heal thyself: Christian distinctiveness starts at home


​This week in the Patheos Public Square, Patheos has selected a few “resident experts” from across ​Patheos ​channels to contribute a short opinion piece about a significant trend or event in religion in America and reflect on its broader impact on society and culture.  ​ This post is part of the Faith and Work Channel’s contribution to that discussion. ​ [Read More...]