Live well, do good, be true

By Byron Borger This post originally appeared at the blog Booknotes. It is from the book Serious Dreams, a collection of commencement speeches. LIVE WELL, DO GOOD, BE TRUE: AN INTRODUCTION Here is my long introduction to Serious Dreams.  There was one more set of edits after this version, but this edition is handy for [Read More...]

Can people who hate their job find meaning in their work?


By Trevor Lee I had the opportunity to attend a Leadership Journal event called Redeeming Work, which focused on the meaning and importance of our work as image bearers of God. Events like this focus on the idea of vocation, which is our call into every part of life, not just the job we get paid for. [Read More...]

Coltrane and calling: a message for jazz appreciation month


By Caroline Cross April in the District of Columbia is a magical time of year. Washington welcomes a cloud of pink petals amidst the blooming cherry trees at the tidal basin. Signs of spring aside, April also holds another reason to celebrate. The month is commemorated as Jazz Appreciation Month. This singularly American genre of [Read More...]

Go, lovely rose #MothersDay


Back with a poem for a holiday (what did you expect?) This time, since we have several great posts about Mothers’ Day on the Faith and Work Channel (at Oikonomia and Profession of Faith), I’m just going to share with you my mother’s favorite poem.   You can make the faith and work/whole-life discipleship/vocation applications yourself. [Read More...]

[VIDEO]Faith, work, and the Boston Marathon bombing

After her harrowing experience at the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing, a marketing executive chose to leave her job and employ her skills on behalf of artisans in developing nations. Here’s her story: Originally published at the blog Made to Flourish. [Read more...]

A poem for #EarthDay. Careful where you walk.


Here’s a poem about God’s good creation for this day when we celebrate that creation…..  (P.S. This is not Hopkins’s first appearance on this blog. Check out this poem about vocation. Or at least I think it’s about vocation.) “God’s Grandeur” The world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out, like [Read More...]