A slow leak


By Mike Coyner Recently the left rear tire on my car starting losing air. My car has a warning light to let me know when a tire is low on air pressure, so each time the warning light came on I would stop at a gas station and put some more air into the tire. [Read More...]

My thousand Eucharists

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This post is part of a symposium between the Catholic, Evangelical, and Faith and Work Channels on spiritual disciplines for work. It started over 20 years ago, the weekly walk to the front of the room. I was a lonely, somewhat puzzled seminary student, seeking something sustaining. Worship, certainly. I had worshiped my whole life. [Read More...]

Ways to pray at work (or on the bus, or….)


One thing I’ve learned being your humble scribe is that a lot of you want resources to pray at work. The prayers we share daily on our Facebook page, like this one, are always among the most “liked” and “shared” posts on the page. With that in mind, here are a few other websites that [Read More...]

We’d like to pray for you

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We’re starting a new feature over on the Patheos Faith and Work Channel’s Facebook page; daily prayers for work. (You can see the first one here.) From general prayers for seeking God’s will, to prayers for hope in difficult situations, to prayers for guidance in finding our calling, to–whenever we can find them–prayers for people [Read More...]