Coltrane and calling: a message for jazz appreciation month


By Caroline Cross April in the District of Columbia is a magical time of year. Washington welcomes a cloud of pink petals amidst the blooming cherry trees at the tidal basin. Signs of spring aside, April also holds another reason to celebrate. The month is commemorated as Jazz Appreciation Month. This singularly American genre of [Read More...]

Your job is NOT a vocation


By Malcolm B. Yarnell III Today we use words like “calling” and “vocation” in association with jobs and tasks. However, these are external circumstances that the world can change or take away. Martin Luther’s experience can help us appreciate how our true vocation rests at a deeper level, one that can never be taken from [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Why is it Hard to Connect Spiritual Value to Our Work?

Scott Wesley, Program Instructor with The WorkFaith Connection, speaks about how our work can actually be an act of worship: This is part of our ongoing feature in this space of clips from a wonderful YouTube channel run by The High Calling called  “60 Seconds to Significance“.  It features  approximately one-minute talks about work and calling, including [Read More...]

The year of jubilee


By Keith Reeves Note: This article is the first of a three-part series on economic production and Jubilee in the Old and New Testaments. Stay tuned for the other two! Jubilee is often proclaimed as a time when debts are forgiven and land is redistributed so everyone can begin again with a fresh start. I [Read More...]

I once was found but now am lost?

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Those of you who frequent this channel and not just this blog may have noticed a teeny weeny blog post over at M:W’s sister blog The High Calling called “Trapped: The Church Vocation Issue We Don’t Talk About.”  In it author Gordon Atkinson notes: There are thousands of ministers out there who no longer wish [Read More...]

Theology for workers in the pews


A version of this article appeared in In Trust in 2013. This version is reprinted from Grateful to the Dead. Let’s take as given that work matters—it matters to God, and it is most people’s primary arena of discipleship. And let’s agree that the primary role of seminaries and theological schools is to form pastors [Read More...]