At Faith and Work Summit 2014


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Even more business advice from John Wesley

Over the last few days we’ve been sharing in this space some reflections from John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, who was famous for telling his followers to gain, save, and give all they could. Allowing for his eighteenth-century language, he has some good advice about all three in this sermon, “The Use of Money.” First, [Read More...]

God and….beer?


This story comes to us from Paul Sohn, who let us know via our Twitter account (which you should be following. Do it now!) and is based on the book The Search for God and Guinness by Stephen Mansfield .  Did you know that the Guinness family originally were pioneers in treating workers humanely? And that [Read More...]

Sometimes heaven meets earth in a hamburger: more from “Come and See”


Is there a Christian way to make and sell hamburgers? Meet Hans Hess, founder/owner of Elevation Burger. The “Come and See” conference of this past week became a “taste and see” event when we headed for Hans’s burger joint down the street from The Falls Church Anglican Church’s original site, on S. Washington St. in [Read More...]

How God made us to “make something of the world” (Andy Crouch at Redeeming Work Twin Cities, part II)


Redeeming Work Twin Cities was full of pleasant surprises for me. For one thing, I’m a longtime fan of Ken Myers, founder/interviewer at Mars Hill Audio Journal. So I perked up when Andy Crouch used Ken’s concise definition of culture: “What human beings make of the world—in both senses.” The two senses, explained Andy, are [Read More...]

Redeeming work in the Twin Cities

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On June 12, 2014, Christian leaders from church and marketplace are going to meet in Minneapolis-St. Paul at the Art House North in an event sponsored by Leadership Journal’s “Redeeming Work” initiative to talk about how faith and work meet and how Christians can transform culture.   Read more here, where you can also register for the [Read More...]