Vocation and Jobs

By Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt, Jr. I’ve been through two employment crises. Three if you include the uncertain business of doing doctoral work against the backdrop of a changing academy and a shrinking church. This is a piece of what I have learned: Focus on vocation — on God’s calling on your life. That calling [Read More...]

Follow my passion where, exactly?


This post originally appeared at OnFaith.  Ask Laura appears every Tuesday at http://www.faithstreet.com/onfaith and  features responses to your questions about religion, relationships, and the mess they often create. You can submit questions to Laura via Twitter (@lkoturner) or email her at asklaura@faithstreet.com. By Laura Turner Dear Laura, I graduated from a college a few years ago and after a [Read More...]

A 1949 guide to doing what you love


This channel’s been home recently to some musings on the “Do What You Love” school of vocation advice: Jeff Haanen and J. B. Wood have reminded us that God may sometimes want us in places we don’t love, that failure to be in a place where we can do where we love does not mean [Read More...]

Which is a higher calling: building churches or building fences?


Here’s another post in an occasional series about blue-collar work and meaning that we’re running here on MISSION:WORK. (You can read the first one here.)  Here a pastor and former fence-builder reflects on the differences between the two callings. By Jonathan Huddleston My first day of building fences, my boss took his workers aside during break. He [Read More...]

Made for more, part 2


Following up on our post a couple days ago about fathers quitting work to spend time with their families, recently we ran into some interesting reflections on The Gospel Coalition’s website from Hannah Anderson for those who are wrestling with paycheck-less vocations. (Her thoughts come from her book  Made for More: An Invitation to Live in [Read More...]

Unfulfilling work as vocation?

A little while ago we posted in this space some musings by Larry Saunders, a man who had moved from white-collar work in the pastoral ministry to blue-collar work in a factory and was returning to the white-collar world because he failed to find his work fulfilling. Gene Veith over at Cranach picked up on [Read More...]