Exposing college students to vocation: a case study


By Elaine Bernius An exploration of God’s calling on everyone’s life was at the center of a bold new initiative at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) this academic year. In fall 2014, over 750 first-time undergraduates arrived on campus nine days before classes began, significantly extending the former three-day orientation. During that extra week, incoming freshmen [Read More...]

Let your life speak: how to understand your vocational call


How do you discern your vocational path? How do you decide what your contribution to the world will be? What is your vocational calling? These are big questions. How we understand our work and the contribution we make to the world is vital from our earliest days of vocational discernment on through adulthood. It is [Read More...]

Coltrane and calling: a message for jazz appreciation month


By Caroline Cross April in the District of Columbia is a magical time of year. Washington welcomes a cloud of pink petals amidst the blooming cherry trees at the tidal basin. Signs of spring aside, April also holds another reason to celebrate. The month is commemorated as Jazz Appreciation Month. This singularly American genre of [Read More...]

Your job is NOT a vocation


By Malcolm B. Yarnell III Today we use words like “calling” and “vocation” in association with jobs and tasks. However, these are external circumstances that the world can change or take away. Martin Luther’s experience can help us appreciate how our true vocation rests at a deeper level, one that can never be taken from [Read More...]

The most important step to finding your calling


By Dan Cumberland She was burnt out. I could see the pain in her eyes as we spoke. Her situation was tough: her supervisor was not supportive. She could barely get out the door in the mornings. She was having breakdowns on Sunday nights in anticipation of the week ahead. It was heart breaking to [Read More...]

More disciples, not more members: #6 in a series


Last in a series of posts on Luther, Lutherans, and calling by Lutheran pastor Adam Roe with responses over at Cranach by Gene Veith. See the whole series at the bottom of this post. My purpose has not been to offer a systematic or polemical theology. My desire is to give a theological explanation for [Read More...]