Voices from the fields: shoveling hog poop


By Phillip Jensen How can I put this delicately? The daily work of my hands leaves my hands smelling of hog feces. The smell is impossible to completely rid myself of. I’ve showered and scrubbed, yet even now as I sit clean and washed and pecking away at my MacBook, I catch a whiff of [Read More...]

Voices from the fields: Baking bread


So a couple of days ago we recommended the latest issue of Comment on how the faith and work conversation often avoids talking about God’s plan for those of us in work that is blue-collar, no-collar, or just plain icky.  They got in touch and were nice enough to let us reprint some excerpts from [Read More...]

Pick your palm tree

This post comes to us from The Well. Thanks, folks! By Heather Ardrey There are many reasons people move to a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Some are in it for the adventure. Some are in it for the money. Some are in it for the nostalgia, having grown up here. [Read More...]

Going on vocation. Yes, Google, I said “vocation”


Work is no vacation, right?  We have some good friends at Christian History Institute, as you know from previous posts, and they’ve just released a video exploring work as it was meant to be in God’s design.  Here’s what they have to say about it: Adam knew it, and you know it too. Ever since [Read More...]

Martin Luther King Jr. on the Blueprint of Life

Images: Pixabay.

“What is your life’s blueprint?” Six months before he was murdered, Martin Luther King delivered a short but exceptionally insightful address on this question. As we remember him this Martin Luther King Day, this speech ought to be remembered alongside his more famous addresses. In just 563 words, delivered at Barratt Junior High School in [Read More...]

Following a distinctive call

Image: PIxabay.

This interview with Greg Forster is part of a symposium on vocation between the Patheos Faith and Work Channel and the Patheos Evangelical Channel. How would you define vocation? I think of vocation as the imperative God places upon us, and nurtures within us, to live all of life in ways that glorify him. We find this imperative operating [Read More...]