Budgets as Moral Documents

Check out the latest post at the Faith and Work Collective, on considering budgets as moral and not just financial documents: Our use of money and resources reflects our values. Or, in the language of the Gospel of Matthew – “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Every day our small choices [Read More…]

Why not take some time off?

So, I read this article over a year ago and I still haven’t been able to forget it.  In today’s blogosphere, that almost counts as a classic….so I decided it was worth sharing with you all. It’s an opinion piece by tax lawyer Kelly Phillips Erb, and she begins by musing: In my first real [Read More…]

A five-minute guide to money (part two of a series on money management)

Yesterday in this space we shared a few tips that might help you get your finances in order. Very good advice–but as Christians, we have a larger framework to put that advice in.  Recently on the blog of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Drew Larson laid out those principles–aimed at college students, to be sure, but useful [Read More…]

Five ways to stop living paycheck to paycheck (part one of a series on money management)

Part of being faithful to God in our work involves being faithful to God with our resources. But for many of us, we feel at sea here–how do we better take care of our money and handle that dreaded B-word (budget)? We’ve pulled in a couple of pieces of thoughtful advice on the topic from [Read More…]

Listen to a banker talk about serving God in her work

Recently, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s The Well website, a ministry for graduate and professional women, sat down with Christian banker Patricia Snyder to talk about how she serves God in her family and professional life. She described early influences on her calling: My father was a banker, and I always found it appealing that he knew everybody [Read More…]