Business Travel: When to Bring the Kids and When to Leave Them Home

A little while ago, my faith-and-work-movement colleague Jeff Haanen of the Denver Institute published a great post on his personal blog called “Business Travel Have You Exhausted? Bring a Kid.” It contains good advice on how bringing along a kid on a business trip can actually help you see the world through new eyes, avoid [Read More…]

61 Words and Phrases to Eliminate From Your Business Writing Immediately

By Timothy Askew; reprinted from Inc. with the kind permission of Timothy Askew. Author Clare Boothe Luce once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Simplicity is one of the greatest and most elusive virtues I am constantly seeking as an entrepreneur, salesman and human being.  It is a skill I constantly look to improve on. [Read More…]

Dear people in suits: On what it felt like to sit in the middle of a conference center and talk about Jesus

Dear people in suits, if you only knew what we had in this room. [Read more…]

The History and Future of the Faith and Work Movement

By Adam Joyce This year, the Oikonomia Network’s annual faculty retreat featured provocative and stimulating talks from three leaders of the faith and work movement. Access their talks and slides here: David Miller, “God Bless Us, Every One: The Past, Present and Future of the Faith and Work Movement” (audio) Amy Sherman, “In and For [Read More…]

Urbana ’15: Business Track

Is pursuing a vocation in business the next step in your discipleship journey? Or are you already set on business and are wondering how God might use you in his global mission through your work? Join others who want to explore how God can use business to advance his purposes. Come learn what specific next [Read More…]

Sometimes life gets in the way: day 2 of the #AsburyProject

Read about Day 1 of The Asbury Project here. Maybe it was just me, since I started the day with a funeral, but there was a more serious tone on the second day of the adventure in social entreprenuership that is The Asbury Project. While I was celebrating the life of a beloved professor, Jena [Read More…]