Redeeming Work: Los Angeles

LA is a gateway to many cultures. From the silver screen to the diverse communities within Los Angeles’ 119 neighborhoods, the city is a unique perspective on meaningful engagement, impact, and work. In August 2015, the LJ Live team will bring together speakers, local pastors and ministry practioners to examine what “career as calling” really [Read More...]

Redeeming Work: Denver


Denver is Redeeming Work’s third city and last in 2014. As a former frontier of the Western United States, this “mile-high city” is now a frontier to a new kind of working force. Diverse in industry, how does the city engage with culture through a meaningful work-life-and-faith balance? How can pastors support and help their [Read More...]

Why vacation isn’t just a means to make you work better when you get back


We recently ran a post talking about how Americans don’t take enough vacation.  On the heels of that, Mark Galli of Christianity Today pointed us towards a helpful essay on the Christianity Today website called “Sabbath is Not a Means to More Productive Work.” Author David Zahl begins by noting the huge market in the [Read More...]

Will your faith cost you your next job?


The June 2014 issue of Christianity Today has an article with the rather surprising title, “Your Faith May Cost You Your Next Job.”  Sociologist Bradley R. E. Wright, noticing an uptick in religious discrimination complaints to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission but also the fact that 4 out of 10 complaints were dropped, wondered: One [Read More...]

Redeeming Work: Twin Cities

Redeeming Work is designed for pastors and church leaders, but open to anyone interested in the intersection of faith and work. Marketplace leaders and ministries are invited to attend and join our conversation, too. Read more about why Leadership Journal is dedicating two years and six cities to Redeeming Work and what you can expect and gain from this [Read More...]

God’s good plan

How does the message of Genesis inform how we engage with the modern world? [Read more...]