“Career services must die!” Thinking holistically about careers

Wake Forest University has created a new model of career development that integrates all aspects of a student’s life, including faith and spirituality. This article was first published in Faith & Leadership. When Andy Chan ran the career center at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, he discovered there was a hunger among students to [Read More…]

Exposing college students to vocation: a case study

By Elaine Bernius An exploration of God’s calling on everyone’s life was at the center of a bold new initiative at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) this academic year. In fall 2014, over 750 first-time undergraduates arrived on campus nine days before classes began, significantly extending the former three-day orientation. During that extra week, incoming freshmen [Read More…]

How does God guide college students?

Much of this recent blog post by Stephen Rankin, the chaplain at Southern Methodist University, is about what it means to be a church-related school….if that doesn’t mean required chapel, or having a certain number of trustees come from a certain denomination, but something bigger: But this description tells us next to nothing about the [Read More…]