Every dying church in America has a community garden. Here’s a different idea

Struggling congregations tend to chase after popular strategies rather than do what Jesus commanded — make disciples, says the United Methodist pastor of a replanted church in Dallas. [Read more…]

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Vocation and Community on #ValentinesDay

The Church, As it is The Body of Christ Small as a mustard seed and just as fair, The seeds of faith are planted in the night, Seeking their tiny space of warmth and light, Asking but room to grow and prosper there. Small as the seeds of faith, the hope of trust Once-wounded reaches [Read More…]

Refugee ministry: Can any church do this?

Not every congregation can do ministry with refugees. But every church can show up in their community and see where God is already working.  Reprinted from Faith & Leadership. By Hannah Terry When people find out about the work I do with the refugee community in the neighborhood surrounding my church, I’m often asked, “Can [Read More…]

The Gift of Not Knowing

By Timothy Askew; reprinted from Inc. with the kind permission of Timothy Askew. Voltaire once wrote, “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” I hope Voltaire is right, because a lot of my experience of what little success I have had as an entrepreneur has come out of my supreme ignorance [Read More…]

Post #Election: A Time to Listen

By David Spickard After hearing the news this Wednesday morning, I knew we had to change course.  The day could not be business as usual.  Wednesdays are normally staff meeting days at Jobs for Life (JfL).  Our meeting schedule included our normal routine – prayer, Scripture study, and business – but we had to add [Read More…]

iphones, Vision, and the Church

Both authenticity and connection are essential elements of a vital faith community, and should be at the core of a church’s vision and mission [Read more…]