2015 Faith & Work Conference

The annual CFW conference aims to: Encourage societal leaders’ discernment of God at work in the world renewing all things; Facilitate shared experiences and responses to this work, emphasizing the importance of community in re-imagining the workplace; and Evidence the work of the Holy Spirit with examples of re-imagined work in New York City, recognizing [Read More...]

National Faith and Work Association Annual Meeting

If you help lead a Faith & Work initiative within a church, business, non-profit, university, seminary, or other organization, you are invited to the first annual meeting of the National Faith & Work Association. The  NFWA’s Mission is “to build, nurture, and sustain a broad, inclusive network of Christian ministries, churches, organizations, and individuals in the US dedicated to impacting the [Read More...]

Getting past “order” vs. “sin”: How to reinvent management


By Randal Franz This article is adapted by the author from “An Exercise in Theological Imagination,” which appeared in the Journal of Biblical Integration in Business. Even before the recent Great Recession prompted many to rethink our current economic models, some leading management scholars and business titans were calling for the reinvention of management. I [Read More...]

Follow us on Twitter! Here are some of the neighbors you’ll have

A while ago I promised on our Twitter feed to feature our 500th follower here. Lo and behold, we’re now over 600 followers, and I am only just getting around to it. So….I was an English major, so check my math, but as far as I can tell: Our 500th follower was Keri Wyatt Kent, [Read More...]

Building trails, building relationships


Duke University’s Faith and Leadership blog always has some good thoughts for leaders in both churches and workplaces. A recent story there by Jason Byassee told the story of how one church and community came together to help both flourish  by building a community trail. Here’s the beginning of the story from Jason: I don’t know what [Read More...]

What questions does the faith and work movement need to talk about?

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we’re going to be in Boston in October and we hope you’ll join us. Why? Three hundred active faith and work leaders and practitioners from business, church, and education will convene for two extraordinary days of reflection, learning, fellowship, brainstorming, networking and prayer at the Faith@Work Summit in [Read More...]