A poem for #EarthDay. Careful where you walk.


Here’s a poem about God’s good creation for this day when we celebrate that creation…..  (P.S. This is not Hopkins’s first appearance on this blog. Check out this poem about vocation. Or at least I think it’s about vocation.) “God’s Grandeur” The world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out, like [Read More...]

From the archives: Made to make

Why do we all have “coursing through our veins, the desire to make something from nothing”? [Read more...]

We were made to work (really! It’s there in the book of Genesis!)

We’re returning to our occasional series of posts on work and vocation (linked at the bottom of this post) in Christian history by Faith and Work Channel senior editor and Christian History magazine senior editor Chris Armstrong. Enjoy! At the very beginning of Genesis, God shows himself as a working God, who creates valuable things. [Read More...]

Longing, ambition, and the life of faith


This interview from The Gospel Coalition’s “TGCvocations column” caught our eye recently, since the book it talks about is one of the monthly features in the Patheos Book Club this month. Every week over at TGC Bethany Jenkins talks to someone about how they are living out their faith through their work.  A few weeks [Read More...]

“Is this not Joseph’s son, the blue-collar worker?” More from Tom Nelson at Redeeming Work (Twin Cities)


Tom Nelson, pastor of metro Kansas City’s Christ Community Church and author of Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work, had plenty to tell us as we munched oversize muffins about what’s going on in Genesis 2. And it’s not, he said, what we commonly think of. Tom argued that Genesis 2 is a story about how humans [Read More...]

Tom Nelson at Redeeming Work (Twin Cities): Work is not just what we get paid for


A highlight of the recent Redeeming Work Twin Cities conference was Tom Nelson, pastor of metro Kansas City’s Christ Community Church and author of Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work. Tom opened by telling a story on himself. At a posh benefit dinner, Tom had successfully avoided “outing himself” as a pastor until [Read More...]