Ron Reed: I’m a Christian, but I don’t do Christian theater

The founder of Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, talks about leadership, the arts and what it means to put on plays that ask spiritual questions from a Christian perspective. This post was first published in Faith and Leadership. When Ron Reed was preparing to graduate from seminary at Regent College in Vancouver, he asked founding [Read More…]

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The faith and work conversation we’re NOT having

Really good stuff in the latest issue of Comment, called “The Work of Our Hands,” on the conversations we’re not having about how blue-collar work, menial work, and disgusting work fit into God’s design. Or don’t fit. Here’s what Brian Dijkema has to say in his introductory letter: There is a swath of the evangelical [Read More…]

[VIDEO] How do we make culture without it making us?

A great talk on this was posted some time ago on the website of Dallas Theological Seminary, where Darrell Bock of DTS sat down to chat with Andy Crouch of Christianity Today to talk about what culture means. Can you ever leave culture behind? How can you transform it without letting it transform you? How can [Read More…]

The world was waiting for YOU

Yesterday Leadership Journal’s Redeeming Work initiative held the third of five planned conferences on faith, work, and vocation. Jeff Haanen was on the spot for the Faith and Work Channel. This is the first of three reports from him about the day’s events. “The world was waiting for image-bearers.” Andy Crouch, the Executive Editor of Christianity [Read More…]

What questions does the faith and work movement need to talk about?

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that we’re going to be in Boston in October and we hope you’ll join us. Why? Three hundred active faith and work leaders and practitioners from business, church, and education will convene for two extraordinary days of reflection, learning, fellowship, brainstorming, networking and prayer at the Faith@Work Summit in [Read More…]

Three things dessert can tell you about God

Besides making me hungry, this recent post by Bethany Jenkins at the Gospel Coalition was also good food for thought.  It’s the introduction to a series TGC ran over there a couple of months ago about what pastry chefs do and what God has to do with it:  (1) theological framework, (2) food sourcing, (3) consumer [Read More…]