Do All People (Even Shut-Ins) Have a Calling to Work?

By Kevin Kinghorn I’ve heard that phrase thrown around a lot: that “all people have a divine calling to work.”  And I’ve even written about the ministry work that all Christians must be doing, if the Church is to fulfill its mission as Christ’s body in the world. But is this really true in every [Read More…]

Work as Worship Conference

Care for your team, develop leaders, connect your faith and work. Speakers include Patric Lencioni, Cheryl Bachelder, Bryant Ambelang, John Gordon, and Dina Dyer-Owens.  See past conference talks here.   [Read more…]

Faith and Work Summit 2016

Growing Deeper, Broader, Stronger: Moving from Faith@Work 101 to 201 Registration Opens February 1 “The most important gathering to date in the faith-and-work movement.” —2014 Faith@Work Summit Participant Renewed interest in faith-work integration has erupted in workplaces around the world. Faith-and-work initiatives are booming in companies, churches, colleges and seminaries. Today’s Faith@Work Movement is reaching a tipping [Read More…]

The Christian Call to Work Yourself Out of a Job

Yup. Works for parenting, too, by the way. Read more at the Faith and Work Collective: Those familiar with the New Testament can quickly recognize that Jesus’s model of leadership was to disciple the people around him, so that they could carry on his work after he was gone. He taught them, gave them over-the-shoulder [Read More…]

The Inner and the Outer Voices of Love: Henri Nouwen and His Friends

This post is part of a Patheos Book Club on the book Love, Henri: Letters on the Spiritual Life by Henri Nouwen. Many years ago, at a difficult time in my life, a friend pressed a little green book into my hand: Henri Nouwen’s The Inner Voice of Love.  It was a journal he wrote at a difficult [Read More…]

Sermon Series: Ministry in the Marketplace

More good stuff from the Faith and Work Collective this week: ideas from United Methodist pastor Chris Howlett for a sermon series on Biblical perspectives about everyday work. Especially helpful for preachers like me who are having trouble thinking about how to speak about this to parishioners. (Even though I work for a faith and [Read More…]