Is overwork killing you?

The Harvard Business Review thinks it might be. The truly talented, we are told, flee obligations to work themselves into the ground. And yet they appear to love opportunities to do so, if presented in the guise of solving big problems, learning, and pushing themselves further. Whether we are forced to or choose to work [Read More…]

Follow my passion where, exactly?

This post originally appeared at OnFaith.  Ask Laura appears every Tuesday at and  features responses to your questions about religion, relationships, and the mess they often create. You can submit questions to Laura via Twitter (@lkoturner) or email her at By Laura Turner Dear Laura, I graduated from a college a few years ago and after a [Read More…]

Riverdance Changed My Life: Or, How I Learned to Love Being Bored

By Jordan Dillon Riverdance changed my life.  Yes, THAT Riverdance: the gazelle-leaping, non-arm-swinging, inexplicably line-segmented, Irish-based, quickfooted rhythmic troupe.  I was in my mid twenties and complacent at work.  I was bored.  I was discontent.  To pass the time I would drown my sorrows in 6-8 hours of non-stop NPR programming.   On one particular [Read More…]

Don’t Search for Purpose: You Will Fail

That’s what a recent article in the New Republic had to say about our desire for meaningful work and the difficulties of finding it. After noting a diagram that has been floating around the Internet showing how purpose comes at the intersection of passion, mission, profession, and vocation, author Jonathan Malesic argues that there is [Read More…]

WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Doing What You Love, What Scares You, and What Brings You Peace

A Monday roundup of great articles that are worth your time to read, ponder, share, or even argue with.  This week’s list: Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready: Advice on how to do things that scare you.  Lots more interesting articles on working with passion, and other resources, at the blog this comes from, [Read More…]

The heart behind “Why you hate work”

By Brian Gray Earlier this year, the New York Times helped you answer the question “Why You Hate Work.” But before you balk at that massive assumption, research by Gallup suggests that only 30% of Americans “feel engaged at work.” That drops to only 13% when the population extends internationally across a sample from 142 [Read More…]