CG 2015

CG2015 will be hosted Friday and Saturday, October 2 and 3 at the Brookside Campus of Christ Community Church in Kansas City. Register now, spaces are limited! Two years ago, people from many different churches and backgrounds gathered in Kansas City for CG2013, a conference solely dedicated to the theme of seeking the “Common Good”. Two [Read More…]

Good practice makes perfect

Would knowing whether a restaurant is a good employer influence your decision on where to eat out? [Read more…]

Christ is Lord over all: Why it’s ok for the Pope to talk about money

By Zen Hess There is a lively discussion on the internet regarding Pope Francis addressing environmental and economic issues. Judging by the blanket coverage given to the Pope’s recent visit, it seems most people were excited to hear the Pope speak about relevant and timely issues. There are, however, people who think that Pope Francis [Read More…]

One of the most strategic things pastors can do

Faith, work, and economics integration is one of the most strategic things you can invest in as a pastor. We all spend more waking hours at work than in any other single activity, so to put that off to the side is beyond unstrategic; it seems like almost a dereliction of duty as pastors. That’s [Read More…]

But what about sin? more from #ActonU

More of our reports from the recent Acton University conference. Read the first six posts here: The refreshing difference We can’t create heaven on earth “Don’t immanentize the eschaton” Is there really enough to go around? Letting our Jesus Freak flag fly Was Jesus a socialist? By Edwin Woodruff Tait First of all, my friend [Read More…]