Justice in #Ferguson

(Originally published in September 2014 at the KPN Resources blog.) I recently was asked a truly startling question while giving a talk on the church and economics. It was a question that shows how some efforts to speak out for justice can actually undermine justice. If we misidentify the source of injustice, we will not [Read More...]

New blog on the Patheos Faith and Work Channel


Announcing our newest blog, Work Cited. It’s a book review blog whose aim is to guide you through the mountain of resources on faith, work, discipleship and economics: We’ll feature weekly reviews of books on faith, work, vocation, economics, and discipleship–plus other resources (movies, curriculum, even podcasts). Whether you’re reading on a phone or a [Read More...]

Economic wisdom in 12 bullet points

By Drew Cleveland. Originally posted at the Kern Pastors Network Resources blog. People love lists!  We naturally categorize, organize, and label to cultivate order out of chaos. Even those who are disorganized find value in organization. This is one of the Creator’s strongest imprints on us. Perhaps more telling than we realize is one of [Read More...]

A “Theology of Work” in 12 bullet points

By Drew Cleveland. Originally posted at the Kern Pastors Network Resources blog. This pastors network is “dedicated to growing the numbers and influence of pastors and churches that are actively integrating faith, work, and economics for ministry that produces human flourishing“. The “theology of work movement” has produced a wide range of excellent resources to [Read More...]

Evangelical Theological Society: Economic Justice session

For those attending the Evangelical Theological Society meeting, here is an opportunity to discuss faith, work and economics: Come hear Darrell Bock and Anthony Bradley address “Economic Justice and the Mission of the Church” at this year’s meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society!  Lunch is free, and so is the exchange of ideas in this [Read More...]

Politics in the Pulpit? Yes and No


Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square on Politics in the Pulpit. Read other perspectives here. Growing numbers of Americans want pastors to talk about politics. A generation ago, we learned the hard way that when churches take sides in partisan and ideological disputes, the result is disaster. But there is a legitimate reason public demand [Read More...]