The Asbury Project: Revealing God’s Kingdom Through Social Entreprenuership


Asbury Theological Seminary’s Office of Faith, Work, and Economics, in conjunction with the Howard Dayton School of Business at Asbury University, will host The Asbury Project: Advancing God’s Kingdom through Social Entrepreneurship, October 15-17, 2014. This event will unite pastors, academicians and business leaders to explore how social entrepreneurship can be adapted to carry out [Read More...]

Fourth Annual Business Ethics Conference


On October 11, the Center for Christian Business Ethics will gather Christian business leaders and theologians to wrestle with the practical questions business people deal with every day. Through breakout sessions, they will explore topics including: Managing abundance The entrepreneur’s challenge: taking business risks with God’s money Five reasons why Christianity doesn’t = business success The Sunday-Monday [Read More...]

Summer….um, fall…reading list


Drew Cleveland posted an excellent summer reading list of books about faith and work over on the Kern Pastors Network blog the other day, which I’ve just bumped into.  While it may be too late to read them at the beach at this point, it’s still worth noting. Pack one into your bag to read [Read More...]

Does the coming economy need liberal arts graduates?


We like business folks here at MISSION:WORK (we especially like J. B. Wood, and we think you ought to read his blog.)  But I was still intrigued when I saw this feature on PBS Newshour recently, as part of its Making Sen$e feature.  The report focused on what some economists call the “coming artisan economy”: [Read More...]

Sometimes heaven meets earth in a hamburger: more from “Come and See”


Is there a Christian way to make and sell hamburgers? Meet Hans Hess, founder/owner of Elevation Burger. The “Come and See” conference of this past week became a “taste and see” event when we headed for Hans’s burger joint down the street from The Falls Church Anglican Church’s original site, on S. Washington St. in [Read More...]

The business of doing good; how millennials are changing the corporate sector


This article by philanthropist Jean Case popped up on the other day.   Case, who is head of the Case Foundation, reminded her readers: The Millennials are coming… to an office near you. Over the course of the next decade we will bear witness to one of the largest demographic shifts in the workplace [Read More...]