COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FORUM: Creating worldwide jobs


The Patheos Faith and Work Channel recently contacted leaders of some prominent community development and entrepreneurial organizations to talk about  successes and difficulties in their attempts to transform communities through the growth of new businesses and attention to the dignity of work. Over the next few days, just in time for Thanksgiving, MISSION:WORK will be [Read More...]

Change the equation


By Kyle Bushre, originally posted at Kern Pastors Network Resources blog Here’s a little cultural word math that appears to be axiomatic in today’s young, Christian marketplace of ideas: Non-profit = God-honoring, Profit = Self-honoring. The logic runs something like this: God has called us to do great things for him, and the way to [Read More...]

The Asbury Project, Day 2


The energy from Day 1 of The Asbury Project carried over to Day 2 as we crossed the street from Asbury Seminary to Asbury University.   The first event I got to attend was a panel featuring penetrating questions for Johnson Asare, Dr.  Tetsunao Yamamori of Food for the Hungry, and Pete Ochs of Capital [Read More...]

The Asbury Project, Day 1


Conferences of Christian entrepreneurs are full of energy.  That was the first thing I learned as I sat in a chapel full of flags, music, and eager seminary students as part of the  recent Asbury Project conference in Wilmore, KY.  The conference, a collaborative effort between Asbury Seminary and Asbury University to explore how social [Read More...]

A 1949 guide to doing what you love


This channel’s been home recently to some musings on the “Do What You Love” school of vocation advice: Jeff Haanen and J. B. Wood have reminded us that God may sometimes want us in places we don’t love, that failure to be in a place where we can do where we love does not mean [Read More...]

The Asbury Project: Revealing God’s Kingdom Through Social Entreprenuership


Asbury Theological Seminary’s Office of Faith, Work, and Economics, in conjunction with the Howard Dayton School of Business at Asbury University, will host The Asbury Project: Advancing God’s Kingdom through Social Entrepreneurship, October 15-17, 2014. This event will unite pastors, academicians and business leaders to explore how social entrepreneurship can be adapted to carry out [Read More...]