How to Boost Your Creativity

People who think they are not creative need to think again. Creativity is central to what it means to be human and made in the image of God. It’s one of the principle ways man imitates his Creator. Although our creativity is different from God’s, who made everything from nothing, the cultural mandate in Genesis [Read More…]

The refreshing difference at #ActonU

Lots of exciting things around here this week–in addition to the great debate about evangelizing in the workplace going on between the Faith and Work and Progressive Channels on Patheos Head-to-Head, my husband is also live-tweeting and blogging from Acton University in Grand Rapids, MI. Here’s his first post! By Edwin Woodruff Tait First of [Read More…]

Visiting with Mary and Martha: What is the one thing?

By Ann Boyd Multi-tasking: there are days when I feel that I have taken that concept to a whole new level, tossing together the balls of household, work, school, and family, then whacking at them like a caged batter at a pitching machine. It’s usually not pretty, and at least one of those balls gets [Read More…]

Does capitalism have a future?

Those of you out there reading this blog have a number of things you want to hear about, we know….how to serve God in your daily work, how to build a better world through your work, how to find hope amidst unemployment and discouragement. We also know that at least some of you are interested [Read More…]

Are you a dinosaur?

In a recent article on the Christianity Today website, Art Lindsley of the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics inaugurates an occasional series of articles at CT on issues of faith and economics.  He does so with a famous story from C. S. Lewis’ Prince Caspian: In C. S. Lewis’s TheVoyage of the Dawn Treader, King Caspian [Read More…]

Does the moral consensus on human trafficking apply to economics?

If the church is against slavery, it must be for freedom. [Read more…]