From the archives: Working 9 to 5?


Recent research published in The Atlantic indicates that folks in creative and professional jobs might benefit from a differently structured workday: “A shorter workday works particularly well for knowledge workers—people in creative or professional jobs—who can work productively for about six hours a day, compared to the eight hours manual laborers can churn out, according to Salon. [Read More...]

WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Doing What You Love, What Scares You, and What Brings You Peace

A Monday roundup of great articles that are worth your time to read, ponder, share, or even argue with.  This week’s list: Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready: Advice on how to do things that scare you.  Lots more interesting articles on working with passion, and other resources, at the blog this comes from, [Read More...]

How to humanize the workplace

How can we participate in Christ’s nature and see the restoring work of Christ invade our broken workplaces? [Read more...]