Helping the middle class: part 2 of a interview with Gloria Nelund

[Read the beginning of our interview, reprinted from Ethix, in yesterday’s post.]   Why did you start TriLinc Global? I wanted to be able to use all of my experience, my contacts, and everything that I’ve developed in my 30-year successful career on Wall Street to do good in the world. That’s the simple answer. [Read More…]

What does faith and work mean to blue-collar workers?

Recently on the Oikonomia Network, pastor Blaine Crawford pondered the white-collar orientation of many of his colleagues in the faith and work movement after returning from a recent conference: During the session, one of the speakers said that while we used to work to meet needs lower on this hierarchy, we now search for meaning, [Read More…]

Engaging the culture

How does the middle-class church, with its high production values, strong work ethic, emphasis on appearance, and individualistic bent begin to engage, understand, befriend, include, and eventually value the contributions of the generationally poor and their culture? [Read more…]