Guess where it doesn’t pay to go on maternity leave?

Evangelical seminaries, says Emily Dolan Gierer for Christianity Today: In theory, the demand for paid family leave fits well with Christian values, which encourage and celebrate marriage and the raising of children. What could be more pro-family than polices that allow parents to be home with their child during the first weeks of the child’s life? [Read More…]

The Blessed Virgin Mary, working mother?

When I wrote my blog post about working moms yesterday and went to the most-awesome Pixabay to find a stock photo of a working mom, one of the choices it gave me was the picture above. Draw your own conclusions.   [Read more…]

More on the ugly secret of working moms

An article on this just came out in The Week, capturing very clearly a lot of what I’ve felt for a while (and written about previously on this blog.) From the moment I became pregnant with my first child, who graduates high school this month, I’ve had the unshakable sensation that I’m faking big chunks [Read More…]

Also a mother: ordination photo outtakes

A while ago I read a great book called Also a Mother: Work and Family as Theological Dilemma by Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore.  I recommend it. MISSION:WORK has offered some similar reflections in the past. Last week I was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church (on April Fool’s Day, although it was not a joke!) [Read More…]

The work of parenthood

This is the seventh in a series of ten posts featuring artwork from the Christians in the Visual Arts exhibit, “Work: Curse or Calling?” Many thanks to Margot Rogers and CIVA for allowing us to feature these beautiful, intriguing, and challenging pieces here at MISSION:WORK.  Please check out CIVA’s website for more information on scheduling [Read More…]

Can you follow your calling by standing still?

By Medi Volpe I should be writing about tenderness. (Apologies @NDLiturgyCenter…) Or I should be washing Anna’s hair. But I’m not. I’m here. And that’s precisely the point. I am here. I know that this shouldn’t come as a shock, but it occurred to me (finally) today that God doesn’t call us to a vocation [Read More…]