Insight for the day from Wendell Berry’s “How to be a Poet”

“There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.” Thanks to la nouvelle theologie for the quote (the whole poem is over there). Image: Pixabay. [Read more…]

Go, lovely rose #MothersDay

Back with a poem for a holiday (what did you expect?) This time, since we have several great posts about Mothers’ Day on the Faith and Work Channel (at Oikonomia and Profession of Faith), I’m just going to share with you my mother’s favorite poem.   You can make the faith and work/whole-life discipleship/vocation applications yourself. [Read More…]

My thousand Eucharists

This post is part of a symposium between the Catholic, Evangelical, and Faith and Work Channels on spiritual disciplines for work. It started over 20 years ago, the weekly walk to the front of the room. I was a lonely, somewhat puzzled seminary student, seeking something sustaining. Worship, certainly. I had worshiped my whole life. [Read More…]

Want to send your valentine a love poem about work?

We’ve tracked down links to a few.  Poems about work and money from Poems about work from the Poetry Foundation, including one actually called “Love and Work” Ten great poems about work from Tweetspeak Poetry (with some more links to poems about work and even advice on how to write poems about work.) There….all [Read More…]

From a blog about work, you want a love poem about daily life, right?

On the Road Not on the mountaintop, but in the aisles, Not in the death, but in the daily grief Where sometimes faith is born and sometimes doubt, Where stern deception batters at belief, The day after the triumph, and the day Before amazing thunderbolts break through– In passing in the night, beneath the clouds [Read More…]

First Sunday of Advent: a poem

This poem is shared here as part of a Patheos-wide series of Advent meditations. Read the others here. Anything Useful If you came to church for anything useful today, forget it. Anything practical: three points to help you in the Monday workplace, two tips for witnessing to your coworkers, five guides to a good marriage. [Read More…]