Why vacation isn’t just a means to make you work better when you get back


We recently ran a post talking about how Americans don’t take enough vacation.  On the heels of that, Mark Galli of Christianity Today pointed us towards a helpful essay on the Christianity Today website called “Sabbath is Not a Means to More Productive Work.” Author David Zahl begins by noting the huge market in the [Read More...]

Why not take some time off?


So, I read this article over a year ago and I still haven’t been able to forget it.  In today’s blogosphere, that almost counts as a classic….so I decided it was worth sharing with you all. It’s an opinion piece by tax lawyer Kelly Phillips Erb, and she begins by musing: In my first real [Read More...]

Amazon, Kmart, and the moral limits of shopping

Human beings, with our diversity of gifts, talents, and dispositions, were created to, as Adam Smith put it, “truck, barter, and exchange.” In other words, we were made to trade. But we were not created to be constantly trucking, bartering, and exchanging. That’s the central truth about humanity that the commandment concerning Sabbath rest communicates. [Read more...]