John McKnight: Low-income communities are not needy — they have assets


This interview comes to us from Duke Divinity School’s blog Faith & Leadership, an offering of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.  Read some more interviews with folks pursuing community development along these lines in our recent Community Development Forum. People who want to help low-income communities should see them as “half-full glasses” — places with [Read More...]

Do Legos matter to God?


By Dan Anderson “Everything is awesome. Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome when we’re living our dream!” If you have kids or grandkids and have seen the Lego Movie, you probably hate me right now for getting that crazy theme song stuck in your head again! But there’s a [Read More...]

From the archives: Blooming where you are planted

“You can “bloom” whether you work in a secular or Christian setting. It’s imperative that we stop thinking that “full time Christian service” is more godly than being a banker, a veterinarian, an engineer, a scientist or a [fill in the blank with your vocation].” [Read more...]

Christ the carpenter


By Tim Soots, originally published at the KPN Resources blog Being a Reformed Christian, I am committed to the centrality of the mediatory work of Christ on our behalf. Christ stands as the perfect human who liberates humanity from sin and death and restores us to  a right relationship within the Trinity. To the best [Read More...]

WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Giving Tuesday, macaroni entrepreneurship, and taking a vacation

A Monday roundup of great articles that are worth your time to read, ponder, share, or even argue with.  This week’s list: One Thing America is Still Best at, and Getting Better: How much we gave on Giving Tuesday, to whom, and why. Faith@Work Summit: Tom Nelson reports in on his time in Boston in [Read More...]

A little late for All Saints’ Day, but….

….we just ran into this great photo over at Episcopal Church Memes: [Read more...]