Voices from the fields: shoveling hog poop


By Phillip Jensen How can I put this delicately? The daily work of my hands leaves my hands smelling of hog feces. The smell is impossible to completely rid myself of. I’ve showered and scrubbed, yet even now as I sit clean and washed and pecking away at my MacBook, I catch a whiff of [Read More...]

Voices from the fields: Baking bread


So a couple of days ago we recommended the latest issue of Comment on how the faith and work conversation often avoids talking about God’s plan for those of us in work that is blue-collar, no-collar, or just plain icky.  They got in touch and were nice enough to let us reprint some excerpts from [Read More...]

Hello, Officer

What would you do if you were in this policeman’s shoes! [Read more...]

Faith, work, and economics in four evangelical traditions

Whenever people talk about faith, work, and economics, we speak from perspectives within our various faith traditions. While there are important things evangelicals hold in common – the faith once delivered to the saints, the legacy of the Reformation, etc. – there is also important variety across our communities. [Read more...]

The contested American Dream

For many affluent and educated Americans, including some Christians, the American Dream is a materialistic desire for not only a job, a family, and a house with a white picket fence, but also a beach house, two SUVS, exotic vacations, big-screen TVs, the latest fashions, $5 lattes, etc. It is easy to see why other Christians oppose this perversion of the American Dream, which simply promotes the acquisition of treasures on earth, and of social privilege, solely for self-glorification. But many of those who still long for the best of the American Dream are the marginal, the poor, the working class – those for whom education, steady work, and home ownership are life-long goals. [Read more...]