Faith, Environment & Missions: The Stewardship of Planet & Pocketbook

Why is it important for both pastors and parishioners to care about the environment and sustainability? Why should the church lead the way? What does energy management have to do with missions and with stewardship? Come join us in Alumni Hall (Kerr Building, GCTS – Hamilton Campus) as we explore the theological importance of creation [Read More...]

Women, Work, and Calling

Whether women are working at home, professionally, in the wider community or all of the above, they face unique challenges as they seek to faithfully navigate the complexity of their calling. For Christians seeking to steward the fullness of their lives, finding better language and more flexible frameworks to think about the many dimensions of [Read More...]

[VIDEO] Faith@Work Summit: We have videos for you!

Some great and inspiring talks from the Faith@Work Summit have now been posted–including some from folks you’ve read on this channel. Here is Katherine Leary Alsdorf on why faith at work is important: Will Messenger on the big picture of God’s Word on work, in a talk also published as a Theology of Work Project [Read More...]

Christ the carpenter


By Tim Soots, originally published at the KPN Resources blog Being a Reformed Christian, I am committed to the centrality of the mediatory work of Christ on our behalf. Christ stands as the perfect human who liberates humanity from sin and death and restores us to  a right relationship within the Trinity. To the best [Read More...]

Justice in #Ferguson

(Originally published in September 2014 at the KPN Resources blog.) I recently was asked a truly startling question while giving a talk on the church and economics. It was a question that shows how some efforts to speak out for justice can actually undermine justice. If we misidentify the source of injustice, we will not [Read More...]

Why we give


By Mike Coyner. This post originally appeared as part of a stewardship emphasis on the “Indiana United Methodists” website; Coyner is the Bishop of the Indiana Area in the United Methodist Church. This is the season of stewardship and pledge drives and other financial efforts in many of our churches and institutions. Every day it [Read More...]