Justice in #Ferguson

(Originally published in September 2014 at the KPN Resources blog.) I recently was asked a truly startling question while giving a talk on the church and economics. It was a question that shows how some efforts to speak out for justice can actually undermine justice. If we misidentify the source of injustice, we will not [Read More...]

Why we give


By Mike Coyner. This post originally appeared as part of a stewardship emphasis on the “Indiana United Methodists” website; Coyner is the Bishop of the Indiana Area in the United Methodist Church. This is the season of stewardship and pledge drives and other financial efforts in many of our churches and institutions. Every day it [Read More...]

[VIDEO] What does it mean to be a steward?

A great talk on this was recently posted on the website of Dallas Theological Seminary, where Darrell Bock of DTS sat down to chat with Greg Forster of the Kern Family Foundation to talk about what it means to be a steward. If we all learned to serve each other, would it be a utopia? [Read More...]

[VIDEO] We’re exiles from our true home. So how do we learn to live with that?

Several days ago we let you know about a new curriculum on faith, work, and the meaning of life coming out from Regent College.  We also want to remind you while we’re thinking about curriculum about another set of useful videos being published by the Acton Institute –a series that talks about what it means to live [Read More...]

Even more business advice from John Wesley

Over the last few days we’ve been sharing in this space some reflections from John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement, who was famous for telling his followers to gain, save, and give all they could. Allowing for his eighteenth-century language, he has some good advice about all three in this sermon, “The Use of Money.” First, [Read More...]

A five-minute guide to money (part two of a series on money management)


Yesterday in this space we shared a few tips that might help you get your finances in order. Very good advice–but as Christians, we have a larger framework to put that advice in.  Recently on the blog of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Drew Larson laid out those principles–aimed at college students, to be sure, but useful [Read More...]