Dear people in suits: On what it felt like to sit in the middle of a conference center and talk about Jesus

Dear people in suits, if you only knew what we had in this room. [Read more…]

When God closes a door, he opens….a blog?

In October 2013, I got a phone call from my friend Chris Armstrong about a new venture he was starting. It was the venture which became this Patheos Faith and Work Channel. Certain pieces of his startup puzzle had shifted, and he needed someone else on the team. Could I be on a phone call [Read More…]

[VIDEO] Faith@Work Summit: We have videos for you!

Some great and inspiring talks from the Faith@Work Summit have now been posted–including some from folks you’ve read on this channel. Here is Katherine Leary Alsdorf on why faith at work is important: Will Messenger on the big picture of God’s Word on work, in a talk also published as a Theology of Work Project [Read More…]

Exciting news!

Our friends at Theology of Work Project have some pretty exciting news to announce today: they’ve just released an entire new commentary–online immediately and in print in October–dealing with the subject of work in the Bible.   It’s written by a top-notch group of scholars, pastors, executives, and workers, and tackles questions like these: I’m [Read More…]

Work as a means to social shalom

Check out this video from the website of Redeemer Presbyterian’s Center for Faith and Work, where Anthony Bradley speaks on how so much of what we do in our vocation is so our families can flourish. Sustainability in families leads to sustainability in society and social shalom. See more here, along with many other videos [Read More…]