Vocation and Community on #ValentinesDay

The Church, As it is The Body of Christ Small as a mustard seed and just as fair, The seeds of faith are planted in the night, Seeking their tiny space of warmth and light, Asking but room to grow and prosper there. Small as the seeds of faith, the hope of trust Once-wounded reaches [Read More…]

Be careful what you wish for

This post came to us from The Well. Thanks, folks!  Jen’s book Teach Us to Want was also a selection in the Patheos Book Club recently, and you can read more about that here. By Jen Pollock Michel When Ellen was only twenty, her parents died within six months of each other. Soon after, her [Read More…]

[VIDEO] What does it mean to be a steward?

A great talk on this was recently posted on the website of Dallas Theological Seminary, where Darrell Bock of DTS sat down to chat with Greg Forster of the Kern Family Foundation to talk about what it means to be a steward. If we all learned to serve each other, would it be a utopia? [Read More…]

Considering vocation and trusting God

By Steve Harper Living vocationally does not mean living with certainty as much as it means living with trust–trust that God can use us in more than one way, and faith that the current way is an acceptable one. Thomas Merton reflected often about his vocation, writing once in his journal, “Why am I always [Read More…]

Where is God when you’re unemployed?

Recently at On Faith, writer and university professor Halee Gray Scott talked about what happened to her family in the Great Recession: I was nine months pregnant when my husband, Paul, decided to quit his job in 2009 — right after the economy took a nosedive. The Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its biggest single-day [Read More…]