Why Women Quit Working

Lots to ponder here about the role of caregiving in our society as well as the need for flexible working arrangements to help women fulfill all the vocations they are called to. [Read more…]

What is a Good Job in the Gig Economy?

The old bargain between labor and capital has, for all intents and purposes, been called off. [Read more…]

God’s Grace Strengthens the Unemployed

Some thoughts on unemployment and immigration….. [Read more…]

Changing one congregation: Jobs for Life

Last year the Patheos Faith and Work Channel contacted leaders of some prominent community development and entrepreneurial organizations to talk about their attempts to transform communities through the growth of new businesses and attention to the dignity of work. The interviews were very popular and we’re going to be running some of them here again over [Read More…]

Don’t Let Unemployment Undo Your Identity

Let’s face it. Our identity and work are closely aligned–and rightly so because God made us to work. But it’s possible to let work be the defining reality of who we are. When we lose a job or can’t get a job, our very understanding of who we are can unravel. But good can come from this kind of [Read More…]

Meet Dale: A Tale of Perseverance and Love

This post is reprinted from Marion Be The Change, a community development and advocacy organization in Marion, IN “aimed at giving those living in poverty a voice, while seeking tangible solutions to improve their lives.”  The organization focuses on talking seriously with those in poverty to hear their own stories and suggestions. Check out some [Read More…]

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