Do All People (Even Shut-Ins) Have a Calling to Work?

By Kevin Kinghorn I’ve heard that phrase thrown around a lot: that “all people have a divine calling to work.”  And I’ve even written about the ministry work that all Christians must be doing, if the Church is to fulfill its mission as Christ’s body in the world. But is this really true in every [Read More…]

Why the #election is a faith and work crisis

I’ve told the story before how a chance phone call from Chris Armstrong in late 2013 involved me, a nice moderate United-Methodist-turned-Episcopalian mainliner who was doctrinally orthodox but not culturally evangelical, in the faith and work movement. Even as a not-particularly-liberal mainline type, one of the barriers to involvement in this space that I had [Read More…]

We’re made to work

People are called to work, not just to provide for themselves, but to help the world flourish, says the collaborator on Timothy Keller’s book “Every Good Endeavor.” This post originally appeared at Faith & Leadership. People work for a variety of reasons: money, security, power, success. But work — at least, from the perspective of [Read More…]

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When God closes a door, he opens….a blog?

In October 2013, I got a phone call from my friend Chris Armstrong about a new venture he was starting. It was the venture which became this Patheos Faith and Work Channel. Certain pieces of his startup puzzle had shifted, and he needed someone else on the team. Could I be on a phone call [Read More…]

Navigating the Tensions Between Faith and Work

We all experience tension with our work at times. What if my start-up doesn’t pan out? What if I lose my job? Have I accepted this job because I’m called to it — or just because I’m paid for it? How do I balance work, kids, family, friends, church, and all the busyness of life? [Read More…]

In praise of ordinary work

Here’s a chapel talk by Chris Armstrong, director of “Opus: The Art of Work” at Wheaton College, talking about how your ordinary work is…well, extraordinary. Enjoy!  (And you’ll find a whole lot more great chapel talks at this link.) [Read more…]