Blood and water do not come from a think tank: Day one of #AsburyProject 2015

So it’s even more true what I wrote about the Asbury Project last year: conferences of Christian entrepreneurs are full of energy.  Especially, it’s even more true because there are about twice as many people here as there were last year. I drank my hot cocoa this morning in a room full of eager-looking young [Read More…]

Does the perfect job exist? A Lenten thought

Madison Perry of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture has been wondering that himself: Do you feel trapped in an occupation? When asked to describe the perfect job, I often find myself frustrated, exclaiming: “It doesn’t exist!” Recently, a friend confessed a dark day-dream: at least once a day he imagines that if [Read More…]

NEWS: ReFrame has launched!

From our friends at The Washington Institute for Faith, Culture, and Vocation. RSVP for the Nov. 10 launch event here. ReFrame is a 10 week video-based discipleship course that helps you answer questions such as “how does my story fit into God’s story,” and “does my day-to-day life matter to God.”  It features lectures by [Read More…]

Image and Imagination: A Spiritual Retreat

Held at Corhaven in the Shenandoah Valley on Saturday, October 18 this retreat is led by Kate Harris and Bill Haley. Understanding God’s call on our life often requires us to exercise our imagination, to stretch outside what is known and familiar and listen with fresh ears for how God might be speaking or leading us into new realms [Read More…]

[VIDEO] Reframe your life. Here’s how

A few weeks ago we let you know over on the Visions of Vocation blog about a new curriculum coming out from Regent College in association with theWashington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture. called ReFrame.  We recently got more information and links to an entire episode preview, so we thought we’d pass them on!  You can [Read More…]

Sometimes heaven meets earth in a hamburger: more from “Come and See”

Is there a Christian way to make and sell hamburgers? Meet Hans Hess, founder/owner of Elevation Burger. The “Come and See” conference of this past week became a “taste and see” event when we headed for Hans’s burger joint down the street from The Falls Church Anglican Church’s original site, on S. Washington St. in [Read More…]