Can your work be worship….

….even if you work on a construction site? RightNow Media thinks so: For more, check out the Work as Worship Network site. [Read more…]

Work as Worship Conference

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Your Work: More Than a Paycheck

Work is not a necessary evil. It is a holy pursuit. Join us for a dynamic two-day conference learning how to be an agent of worship and ministry in your place of work. Humanity, being in the image of God, is meant to be creative and manage our world. Yet it often seems that our [Read More…]

[VIDEO] Work is sacred

The first thing God did was work and build and create. The first thing He commanded us to do was to work the garden. As soon as you frame work as a sacred task, that changes everything. At that point, your work can be done as worship to God and love for your neighbor! —Chris [Read More…]

[VIDEO] Why is it Hard to Connect Spiritual Value to Our Work?

Scott Wesley, Program Instructor with The WorkFaith Connection, speaks about how our work can actually be an act of worship: This is part of our ongoing feature in this space of clips from a wonderful YouTube channel run by The High Calling called  “60 Seconds to Significance“.  It features  approximately one-minute talks about work and calling, including [Read More…]

Work as Worship conference

The Work as Worship event is for business leaders who are passionate about combining business and ministry.   Sessions include: What makes work Christian? How do I work as worship? The places the Pastor can’t go When God owns your business, you can start at the finish line Creating a work culture where faith can thrive [Read More…]