Movement Day Greater Dallas


The mission of Movement Day Greater Dallas (MDGD) is to unite the body of Christ around a common purpose in order to achieve measureable progress against the greatest spiritual, social, and humanitarian challenges facing the city. MDGD will also serve as a model and catalyst for gospel movements worldwide. Consider these sobering statistics: 97% fatherlessness [Read More...]

2014 CFW Conference

Sponsored by the Redeemer Center for Faith and Work. Work was meant to be an expression of our humanity; however, part of the brokenness of our world manifests in de-humanized work environments leading to demoralization, decreased productivity and inefficiency.But God’s grace is constantly at work in the world to promote workplace practices that resonate with what it means to be created in the image of God. [Read more...]

From the archives: What would Jesus do?


“Topeka, Kansas, was in a severe economic recession when Sheldon arrived in 1889 to pastor the Central Congregational Church. To make his ministry relevant to the everyday needs of his parishioners and community, he asked his church for permission to devote twelve weeks to what he called ‘practical sociological studies,’ suspending most of his regular duties except for preaching on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings. A remarkable adventure ensued, taking him into every part of town to learn how others lived and worked.” [Read more...]

Boston 2014: Faith at Work Summit


You are invited to add your voice as 200+ business, church, and academic leaders convene at the Faith@Work Summit in Boston, October 24-25, 2014 to consider and discuss the progress of the movement as well as what still needs to be done. The Summit will include 20 Faith@Work talks focusing on key topics by leading [Read More...]

From the archives: How to choose a career: Advice from a Puritan pastor

Just because there’s a market for a particular line of work doesn’t mean we should do it for a career. The question Baxter makes us ask is strange for modern ears: is this job honorable? [Read more...]

Apprentice Institute National Conference


Spiritual formation isn’t just about our own souls being filled up; instead we are filled up to overflowing so the love of God spills out in service to change the world. Formation for mission is about getting involved in God’s transforming work, wherever we are.  Speakers for the main conference include James Bryan Smith, Brenda [Read More...]